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1st DROP 24


Gaia is seen as a mother figure, nurturing and sustaining all life. It symbolizes fertility and is associated with growth and abundance in nature. It was this phase that I go through in my life that led me to create this collection, which is linked to Fauna and Flora such as geographical features, mountains, valleys and terrestrial landscapes.

The concept of Goddesses has changed a lot over time. Society expects us to be Goddesses, Warriors, young forever, energetic, enterprising, friendly, controlled, dreamy, but without being too conspicuous. They expect a lot from us, but we can't necessarily expect a lot from others. We have to be online and effective 24/7, but at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle and be in contact with the elements. It's not possible. We are set to fail!

Aumar rethought its direction, after 10 years without stopping.
We want to do better, not necessarily more, and this spirit is at the genesis of the SS24 campaign concept, Elements of Gaia. Being, being present, in contact with ourselves and what surrounds us, with the elements, to find our own element. A light and fun campaign, with space for more contemplative moments of reflection, composed of one of the brand's best-known characteristics: color.

Let's travel to two destinations, the beach and the countryside. Imagine yourself in the countryside, surrounded by all the wonderfully relaxing sounds that are running through your head right now. Now feel the water and sand at your feet, while you hear laughter around you and a swim in the background, we are on the beach.

Take a deep breath, it's the Elements of Gaia.

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